Friday, April 23, 2010

40 weeks

Happy Due Date, Olivia!'s time for your birthday:)

Even though her birth is impending (whether it be today, tomorrow, or Sunday at her induction), it almost doesn't seem real. I can imagine what it 'might' be like to see her for the first time, and what she 'could' look like, but it seems so out-of-body to imagine this is REALLY all about to happen.

You spend so much time anticipating getting pregnant. Then you worry for the first 12 weeks about having a normal pregnancy, and then the next 12 weeks you spend thinking about everything you have to do to get ready for this new person you are bringing into the world, but it still seems so far away. And THEN, one day, you are here. Big, uncomfortable, and anxious just waiting for the pain that says "it's time" or for the clock to tick down to your scheduled induction.

We have exactly 2 nights, or less, in this house as it is. Starting next week we'll have another person that LIVES here. I swear, for something so common, and natural, it seems so abstract to me.

Can't wait to meet my baby...

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