Thursday, November 19, 2009

So it turns out that all my worrying was for nothing -- thank goodness. My cervix is a normal length and it isn't funneling or dilating at all. Whew.

The Dr. was back to her normal-self so that was a relief, too. She was bubbly as ever and was completely understanding as to why I wanted this extra ultrasound. I understand we all have our bad days, docs included, so I forgive her.

I got to see my baby's spine! Since the ultrasound was really about the cervix and not the baby, we didn't spend too much time looking at our little "tater" (as my husband's family has taken to calling he/she), but we did get a special glimpse of all those little bones in there that have formed since our last ultrasound 6 weeks ago.

We scheduled our "big" u/s for December 10. We decided to ask the Dr. to write down the sex on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope for us to open on Christmas. I'm pretty excited about this idea (which I owe to my 17-year old sister) although I told Kyle he is either going to have to bury the envelope in the backyard or give it to someone else to hold onto because I will find it and I will open it despite my good intentions. Heck, I've even already tried to talk him into opening it on his birthday, Dec. 13, but just as I almost had him convinced he snapped out of it and reminded me that his birthday is for him and Christmas is for our family:) How can you argue with that?

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We will be on a boat this holiday headed down to the Caribbean. Doesn't get much better than that.

Friday, November 13, 2009

So, we had a sucky Dr.'s appointment yesterday. I have always loved my Dr. for how bubbly and sweet she is, but either she was already mad before we got there, or I pissed her off.

My cervix has undergone two separate, but related, surgeries one of which was an emergency repair surgery. So, naturally, I am worried about the strength of my cervix as the baby gets bigger and bigger. She originally told me that she would begin monitoring it at 20 weeks. That sounded fine at the time, but here I am, getting ready to board a cruise ship for the Caribbean in a week and I'm slightly nervous about the state of my cervix. So, it only seemed logical to me to have her check it before we left to ease my mind. Keep in mind, this is only 3 weeks earlier than she had planned on starting to monitor it anyway.

Well, when I brought up that I was starting to get worried about it she practically made me feel like I was asking for a kidney. How hard it is to do an extra ultrasound? Eventually, after some tears, she did offer up to do the extra ultrasound, but not super willingly. I left there feeling bad for standing up for myself, but that hardly seems fair. Yeah, my worry may be premature, but after the trauma I went through "down there" it isn't hard to believe that I can't quite shake the terror I have from imagining that my cervix is shortening too soon.

I go back in on Wednesday for the "extra" ultrasound, but now I'm dreading it even more. Partially because I fear the unknown, but also because I don't feel all that warm and fuzzy towards my Doc at the moment.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I had a silly meltdown yesterday. It didn't feel silly at the time, though, of course. I was supposed to have my 16-week Dr. appointment and they had to cancel at the last minute for a delivery. Instead of being understanding that we had to reschedule for Thursday, I broke down. Yes, it would have been reasonable to have been disappointed that I wasn't going to get to hear my baby's heartbeat that day, but it wasn't that reasonable to have the sobbing-fit that it resulted in.

One good thing came out of though, Kyle finally realized that there are just times when I need to him to just listen and not talk. I called him in tears and when he realized I didn't want his positive spin on things he said, "So, is this one of those times you just want me to listen and not talk?" Good job, honey.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Voting: check. Next on today's agenda: the H1N1 shot.

I'm really not looking forward to standing in line for hours at the community clinic, but at this point I'm running out of time to get it. We leave for a Turkey Day cruise in about 3 weeks minus the 2 weeks that it takes to protect you, so here we are at today's clinic.

I'm a slight hypochondriac, I feel nauseous already.

In other news, we are sneaking up on our 16 week appointment. People weren't kidding when they say how fast this goes!