Monday, March 22, 2010


1 centimeter dilated

80% effaced

Head - LOW (no wonder my groin feels like I just ran a marathon!)

Doc said she'd be surprised if Olivia made it to her due date. What have your experiences been?

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  1. My experience tells me your doctor is correct! Especially with that much effacement. Lilly was low, low, low for weeks, even at my appt. the morning of her birthday and then I got to the hospital (after WEEKS of pre-term labor, being dilated and effaced) and the nurse tells me "Her head is wayyy up there." That little stinker crawled back up! hehe But it didn't matter, it was too late to turn around;)

    I'd say Olivia will be here within the next week or two. In fact, I'm going to guess April 1st!